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May 15th: Washington, D.C.
Stop Offshore Drilling 

A rally and march to demand President Obama end all new offshore drilling on the Arctic and Gulf coasts.

On May 15th, we’re calling on President Obama to stop all new offshore drilling in the Arctic, Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Across the country, we’re calling on the Obama administration to keep fossil fuels in the ground. From fracking, to oil trains, to offshore drilling, to tar sands pipelines, we need to move beyond fossil fuels to a clean energy future with good jobs and strong communities.

The Obama administration recently took the Atlantic out of their 5-year offshore drilling plan. But we know that’s not enough — their current plan still includes drilling in the Arctic and Gulf Coast.

We demand more for our climate, communities, and coasts.

That’s why we’re standing together in Washington, DC to urge President Obama to end all new drilling on our shores once and for all.

Action Petition

We’re calling on President Obama to say no to all new offshore drilling. That includes zero new drilling in the Arctic and zero new drilling off the Gulf Coast. Add your name to tell the President our coasts aren’t sacrifice zones for the oil and gas industry.