Written by Bryan Parras, a Houston-based filmmaker and photographer that specializes in documentation of environmental and social justice movement stories throughout the South and Southwest. Follow him on Twitter @HighTechAztec

Houston Hearing 6
Offshore drilling isn’t acceptable. It’s not acceptable off the Atlantic seaboard, and it’s not acceptable off the Gulf Coast, where I’m from.

Although President Obama has taken the Atlantic off the table, the Administration still plans to open up both the Gulf and the Arctic to more drilling.

Houston Hearing 9Last month I witnessed Gulf Coast residents rally in Houston, where I live, to demand an end to offshore drilling at a public hearing held by the Obama Administration. These residents came from all along the Gulf Coast to send the message that our coasts, climate, and communities are not for sale. No amount of money will be able to give a person back her health. The destruction our environment has already suffered will take generations to recover.

But thankfully, across the country, a diverse movement is rising up to end offshore drilling, and on May 15th that movement will be in front of the White House.

I’m a filmmaker and photographer who focuses on amplifying social justice movements in the South. I know how deeply offshore drilling has impacted the people where I’m from, and how much destruction it’s caused. I also know just how beautiful homegrown resistance can be.

lHouston Hearing 8‘m so moved by the diverse network of individuals, organizations, and Indigenous communities joining arms to stop new drilling. On May 15th, people from every coast will be standing together in DC for one of the biggest actions against offshore drilling yet.

Finalizing this offshore drilling plan is one of the biggest climate decisions the President will make before he leaves office. Right now, his plan puts the Atlantic off limits, but re-opens the Gulf of Mexico to new drilling.

We need the final plan to put a stop to all new offshore drilling everywhere. Together, we can make sure Obama knows that the Gulf Coast isn’t a sacrifice zone for the oil and gas industry.

This movement we’re building refuses to leave any community on any coast behind. On May 15th outside the White House, we hope to make our biggest stand yet.

Let’s keep building together.

Sign up now to Break Free on May 15th in DC to urge President Obama to end offshore drilling.